Creating for creations sake


This is an introductory post as all introductions go they start off with something like: "hello there, I'm..." or in this case "hello, it has been a while..." And although I believe I don't need an introduction, considering how long it has been since I've seemingly dropped off the face of the Internet[1] I will play along. I haven't blogged in more than a year. I had professed I would stop but the truth is I was lying. I don't consider myself to be a liar or an extreme one for that matter. I like to remark that lying is one of the few sins I commit. Although I don't keep a record of this I am probably lying which might not be truthful considering the lack of statistical data to prove this point. Because I love this form of expression, this medium. I get to share ideas with the world or talk about things that interest me while also fooling with the rules of English. Writing has always been my passion and so has technology. Such a mix of interests required that I somehow merge them together for my benefit. This was not hard to do. When one hasn't written anything in great length such as an essay or haven't written anything of interest in an extended period of time it becomes not only easier but greatly enjoyable. Just as picking up a thick book after months and flying through its pages within a week. Of course some would argue that practice makes perfect and any deviation from that path only makes things worse. Nevertheless, this is my place of expression and as a King of the world I craft (this place), whatever I say goes but suggestions and foreign ideas are always considered.

Regarding Hiatus

My vision previously was to develop a new design for my site. I also wanted to create a completely different section for the blog instead of a whole site with a blog directory.This never happened and eventually I looked elsewhere, abandoning the Octopress framework in which my previous site was based on. This wasn't easy as Octopress proved itself to be reliable, efficient, fun and easy to work with.[2] But I had always required the use of of a system that would allow me to write and publish anywhere without being restricted to one machine which contained the key needed to push updates to the site. The inconvenience of also configuring this process to be implemented on a remote server also, in my opinion risked the security of that machine. This is all paranoia, I know... However, all of this was an annoyance because in the end I switched to HTML5 Boilerplate and began the process of porting my old site. And that's when I gave up. Not out of laziness, lack of ability or motivation. Merely, there was no need to spend so much time on an (in concept) minuscule task that was robbing me of my time from other projects that needed my attention. Has it been two years? I believe it has been two years since I last blogged. I don't care much to actually confirm this but yes it took me two years to create a new blog. Originally I had planned to do so for experience because the act itself would have allowed me to delve into new technologies. But I found that to be irrelevant. This being because the idea of "creating for creations sake" is unproductive. That's why "reinventing the wheel" is such an important concept. Why do it if it's there? If you can do it better go ahead! Just don't waste your time. This was not the case, so I left it behind. If I know I can do it why did I spend so much time doing it? Why not use something that is already available which meets my needs for a new platform? This. I've done.

I don't care what the AP Stylebook says. ↩︎Have I also mentioned how much I detest Oxford Commas? ↩︎